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Lektion 18: Reiner Quatsch

This episode is about phrases. Friedl is leaving Brooklyn, so he gives Ken some things to aid him on his Deutsch oder German journey. They explore more phrases and try out some direct translation. Enjoy this language learning episode of The Stammtisch podcast. Learn Super German jetzt!

Lektion 17: Mit mir und ohne dich

Ken looks to Mr. Mayerhofer for guidance towards a better German language understanding. He works through some prepositional phrases to help him learn Deutsch better and faster. He likes his tricks and Friedl has a couple up his sleeve in this episode of The Stammtisch podcast. Learn Super German jetzt!

Lektion 16: Glücksspiel und Schinken

Ken decides it is time to give conversational German a try. He may not have the language under his belt but he will still come out swinging. Friedl coaches him in his corner while he prepares to face the Kellner. Deutsch has never been so darn interesting. Stay tuned and learn Super German jetzt! on this episode of The Stammtisch podcast.

Lektion 14: Zombies in Lederhosen

Listen to Zombies in Lederhosen if you DARE! This episode of The Stammtisch podcast is all about film titles. Play along with Friedl and Ken as they challenge each other in a new German movie title game. The Stammtisch is a German language learning podcast. Learn Super German jetztz!

Lektion 09: Modalverben

Language learning with Ken and Friedl steps up. In this lesson of Stammtisch they discuss the German modal verbs and how they fit into a sentence structurally. It may be grammar, but its still hot and sexy. The Stammtisch is a German Language Learning Podcast. Learn Super German Jetzt!

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